NOAH™ Sandbag Shovel

This is ​The NOAH® Sandbag Shovel way!

NOAH® Sandbag Shovel.

​​The NOAH® Sandbag Shovel comes as a ready to go set:
1PCs NOAH® Sandbag Shovel in high visual orange color 
50PCs Sandbags 14" x 26" / 35.5cm x 66cm woven polypropylene (PP) with ties.
All packed and ready to go in a quality NOAH® Duffel bag.

- We Design, Develop and  Deliver -

Simply put the NOAH® Sandbag Shovel inside the sandbag and start filing up to 250 sandbags an hour. 

The traditional and tedious way of filling a sandbag with two people, one shovel and one sandbag. -Before ​The NOAH® Sandbag Shovel.

Kaare, Inc.
NOAH™ Sandbag Shovel

With the increase in worldwide flooding and very short warning time, many are left unprepared. 

The NOAH®  Sandbag Shovel prepares you to protect lives and property.

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NOAH™ Sandbag Shovel


Made of Aluminum and coated in high visual orange

17.5" x 7.5" x 10" 

443mm x 190mm x 250mm

Net weight 1.3Lbs or 0.6kg​​

NOAH® Sandbag Shovel in Action

NOAH™ Sandbag Shovel
NOAH™ Sandbag Shovel
NOAH™ Sandbag Shovel

We obtain all rights to change any NOAH® product specifications without any prior notice.

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The NOAH® Sandbag Shovel protects lives and property. During natural disasters and emergencies, the NOAH Sandbag Shovel helps maximize volunteer efforts.

Dealing with emergencies will always be about efficiency. 

The NOAH® Sandbag Shovel is capable to fill sandbags fast when needed. Its light weight eases the physical hard work of filling sandbags.

The NOAH® Sandbag Shovel is compact, light weight, robust and very effective. With just one scoop, a standard sandbag, 14” x 26” / 35.5cm x 66cm, is filled. It is possible for one person to fill one sandbag in under 10 seconds. That means one person can fill approximately 250 sandbags an hour.

The NOAH® Sandbag Shovel makes it up to 10 times faster to fill a sandbag.